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But at what cost to the stability of the Twelve Houses. And — in Hungary — the constitutional amendments are adopted within 72 hours without any attempt to deliberation. High resistance to the elements, extreme molecular stability. Does the foreign ministry have any comment? But already the first move lit a red light.

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Li Keqiang and Merkel heard the work reports of responsible officials from 25 departments of the two countries, including foreign affairs, economy and trade, judiciary, finance, industry, transportation, education, science and technology, health, agriculture, environmental protection, and social security. Li Keqiang expressed, China and Germany are all-round strategic partners, and win-win cooperation is the defining feature of the bilateral relationship.

That is why we asked architects to work on sustainable architecture.

The people of both countries are the direct beneficiaries. During the recent telephone conversation between President Xi Jinping and Chancellor Merkel, both sides expressed to continue to promote the sound and steady development of China-Germany ties. At present, the international situations are undergoing profound and complex changes, the pandemic is far from over, and protectionism persists.

In the face of a major pandemic, the international community must send a strong message of cooperation and show the strength of unity. China is willing to firmly grasp the general direction of dialogue and cooperation with Germany. As long as both sides can respect each other's core interests and major concerns, communicate on an equal footing without interference in each other's domestic affairs, dispel misgivings, narrow differences and concentrate on cooperation, favorable conditions Glukozamina Chondroitow podczas picia further dialogue and cooperation will be created, and long-term sound and steady bilateral ties will be ensured.

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Li Susta Slanders. pointed out, in the current situation, China and Germany should strengthen cooperation in fighting against the pandemic, advance fair and reasonable distribution of vaccines, and oppose "vaccine nationalism".

Tłumaczenie hasła "stabilność" na angielski

The two countries should give full play to China-Germany "fast tracks" for essential travels and jointly safeguard the security and stability of the global industrial and supply chains. Li Keqiang emphasized, China's opening-up and Germany's participation in European integration prove that both countries are willing to embrace opening-up and uphold fair Susta Slanders.

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China will open up further to the rest of the world, and share its development opportunities with Germany and other countries. Opening-up should be two-way. The two sides should advance free trade and accelerate global economic recovery through expanding opening-up.

Zapalenie stawow SCA Boli rece stawu ramienia Co robic

China stands ready to work with the EU to jointly promote the signing and entry into force of the China-EU investment agreement as soon as possible to facilitate the healthy and stable development of bilateral relations. Merkel said, next year will mark the 50th anniversary of Germany-China diplomatic relations.

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Germany is ready to deepen mutual trust and expand cooperation with China, further elevating the bilateral ties. Germany hopes that the two sides will leverage the "fast tracks" to ensure orderly exchange of personnel, and promote vaccine production, and collaboration on mutual recognition.

Germany advocates opening-up and cooperation, opposes Susta Slanders., and stands for dialogue and consultation when dealing with differences.

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The investment agreement between EU and China is vital for EU-China relations, and Germany hopes that the two sides can jointly promote the entry into force of the agreement at an early date. Both sides agreed, over ten years, the inter-governmental consultation mechanism has played the role of "super engine" for China-Germany cooperation, so we should continue to give full play to its role.

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Both sides agreed to hold the new round of China-Germany High-level Financial Dialogue, and host the new symposium of the China-Germany Rule of Law Dialogue in an appropriate manner; continue to deepen cooperation in the fields such as economy and trade, investment, automobile manufacturing, high-tech, new energy, digital economy, and culture for win-win results.

After the consultation, Li Keqiang and Merkel jointly witnessed the "cloud signing" of a series of bilateral cooperation documents including climate response, social security, health, food safety, international development, transportation and sustainable development. Wang Yi, He Lifeng and others attended this activity.

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