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The doctor needs to take into consideration additional information like medical condition as well while deciding on the type of weight loss surgery Regarding BMI, the criteria might be slightly different for various weight loss surgeries, so often BMI influences the recommended surgery type. Such a diet is high in protein and low in carbohydrates, and its aim is reducing the liver size and forcing the body to use fat as energy.

Added by Klaudia Grabowska on The WHO statistics from showed that almost 2 billion people were overweight, among whom there were million obese people worldwide, and these numbers have been increasing all the time. For many, just adding daily activity and keeping a balanced diet is a great solution.

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Research shows that number of obese people is rising each year However, there are millions of people who need bariatric surgery to simply keep alive. Obesity is a life-threatening disease, and we need to stop underestimating it or accept it. Yet, we want this article not to be depressive, but rather informative and hopeful.

Obesity a global problem

We want to focus on the gastric sleeve, which is one of the most popular and effective bariatric surgeries. What is a gastric sleeve weight loss surgery? Gastric sleeve, called also a sleeve gastrectomy, is a bariatric surgery performed for obese people who need a significant weight loss to regain health. The small pouch that is left has a shape of a sleeve. Apparently, the aim of sleeve gastrectomy is limiting the amount of food that can be held in the stomach.

All the functions, including the digestive function of the stomach, are preserved. The surgery is performed laparoscopically, which means that the surgeon uses a small video camera called laparoscope to see the inside of the abdomen. Firstly, a surgeon makes small incisions in the abdomen area, through which the long narrow instruments are put.

With their use and with the use of a laparoscope, a surgeon performs the procedure.

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Gastric sleeve surgery itself does not make a person slim. It is only the first, yet milestone, stage. After the stomach is reduced, a patient is able to eat an amazingly small amount of food to be full and it causes a rapid, fast and effective weight loss.

How does a gastric sleeve work? Like any bariatric stomach surgery, gastric sleeve causes weight loss. There are three main aspects showing how does the gastric sleeve work. They are: reduction of a stomach volume, which makes that patients are full after a tiny meal and physically are not able to eat more; the stomach motility is increased, thanks to which food passes the stomach and intestine smoothly and quick; the change of hormonal receptor responsible for hunger after the surgery, the secretion of a hunger hormone called ghrelin is reduced, thanks to which patients feel much less hungry and their appetite is suppressed.

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The weight loss process starts immediately after the sleeve gastrectomy, however, patients need to maintain the recommended meals and portions to prevent stomach stretching. Is gastric sleeve safe? Gastric sleeve operation is a regular surgery performed under general anaesthesia, so it is completely normal to have concerns about it.

A weight loss surgery helps lose weight and consequently stabilizes the sugar level and manages type 2 diabetes. However, recently, numerous studies have proved that weight loss surgery itself has also a direct influence on how our bodies use insulin. Regardless of the type of bariatric surgery for diabetes treatment, it always helps people reduce food intake, which in the sequel affects insulin managing, of course in a positive way.

A laparoscope that is used in sleeve gastrectomy makes the procedure much less invasive and hence significantly reduces the possibility of complications. It also shortens the recovery time and stay in a clinic. Gastric sleeve candidate BMI is the most important factor while qualifying for weight loss surgery. To be qualified for gastric sleeve, a patient needs to have BMI 35 or higher in some cases, BMI 30 is also accepted Sleeve surgery Arthroso 1-2 st of Shoulder Sustain dedicated to obese people.

However, obesity itself is not a criterion for the procedure. The most important aspect is the BMI body mass index.

To be qualified for gastric sleeve bariatric surgery, a patient needs to have BMI 35 or higher in some cases, BMI 30 is also accepted. So, people who are only overweight are not considered good candidates.

Regarding kilograms or poundsit is said that candidates for gastric sleeve have over 45kg lb excessive weight. Patients with BMI lower than 40 usually must meet one more criterion, which is additional health issues caused by obesity, for example, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, asthma, sleep apnea or joint pain.

Apart from body mass index, a candidate for gastric sleeve has to be mentally ready for the surgery as well as pre-surgery and post-surgery periods.

Weight Loss Surgery Overview

Handling the stress of the procedure, preparation and afterwards diet might have a profound influence on the surgery effects. Also, patients have to build a healthy attitude towards food, diet and exercise.

Many clinics offer help from psychologists before and after the surgery, so we encourage everyone to make sure that such help would be available. How the gastric sleeve surgery is performed?

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The most common question that patients ask is: How long does the gastric sleeve surgery take? Well, gastric sleeve obesity-surgery takes about sixty minutes, so it is a relatively short procedure.

It is performed laparoscopically, thus its minimally invasive nature resulting in faster recovery reduced bleeding and pain, and a shorter stay in a clinic. At the beginning of the operation, a surgeon makes incisions in the abdomen usually, there are incisions. The holes allow a doctor to put a laparoscope and other necessary instruments inside the stomach.

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The laparoscope is a tiny tube with a video camera connected to a monitor standing in the operating room, so the operated area is visible there. Once it is done, the surgeon removes all the tools and puts stitches on the incisions. How to prepare for gastric sleeve surgery?

Each clinic and surgeon have their own recommendations and requirements for the pre-surgery period. However, there are some general instructions common to all the bariatric patients.

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They include: quitting smoking smoking greatly increases the possibility of blood clots, pneumonia, infections; it also increases the risk of post-operative complications and slow healing following a gastric sleeve pre-op diet usually, weeks before the surgery, patients start Arthroso 1-2 st of Shoulder Sustain high protein and low calories liver reducing diet which would reduce the fat accumulated around the liver making sure that you are ready to change your life completely, visiting a psychologist or attending special education classes organized by many clinics organizing family life, care after children, pets, making sure you have Osteochondroza i jego traktowanie srodkami medycznymi person that would assist you for the first days after the operation some medications e.

Aspirin based ones are forbidden, so patients need to discuss with the surgeon any meds they take. Patients also ask what to take to the hospital for gastric sleeve surgery?

Each clinic has its own recommendations of course, but you should remember about all the preoperative paperwork and instructions, ID card or passport, a cell phone, toiletries and pyjamas, pillow, and blanket. Aftercare and recovery time After gastric sleeve surgery, patients spend only days in a hospital.

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Before leaving the clinic, the doctor prescribes gastric tablets, pain medications and gives instructions for special post-op diet and exercises The surgery gives a patient a perfect tool for losing weight, however, it is the aftercare and gastric sleeve recovery that play a key role in losing weight. How long do you stay in the recovery room after surgery? If everything heals properly, patients spend only days in a hospital after surgery.

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Before leaving the clinic, the surgeon prescribes gastric tablets and pain medications and gives instructions for special post-op diet and exercises. It is important to start moving even a slow walk is good just after waking up in the hospital.